Friends of Huffer Splendour Brunch - Miami Myth

What’s the best thing to do before heading into a three-day festival event? Brunch of Course!

The ‘Friends of Huffer Brunch’ held at St. Elmo Dining Room in Byron Bay was the perfect excuse to relax and kick back before Splendour in the Grass 2017.

With spirits high in anticipation of all things festival, Brunch seemed the most appropriate thing to do. With the help of Jacob Creek’s Prosecco Spritz, there was no question of guests going thirsty either!

St. Elmo dining room certainly delivered when it came to the food department, serving up a selection of canapes and even Mushrooms drizzled in a blue-cheese sauce. Yum! And if that doesn’t get your mouth buds watering, then the cocktail menu was sure to do so.

Sydney House dup Set Mo also made an appearance, offering up tunes that were sure to put guests in a good mood. Who doesn’t love a bit of house music with their brunch?

Guests didn’t leave empty-handed either, leaving with a goody bag made for Splendour. 

More photos can be found on Life Without Andy’s website.

- Nicole Baumli