Transformulas Diamond Lift

Sparkle in the iridescence of Diamonds and see your complexion transform.

Beauty without Surgery, the Diamond Lift by Transformulas will tone and lift the skin without having to go under the knife.

Harnessing the power of diamonds, this miracle in a bottle will empower the skins halo and leave a brighter and clearer complexion.

Diamond Lift is an exclusive light refracting, lifting formulation containing diamond powder, vitamins, minerals and a youth boosting ingredient Gaultine Expression.

All these ingredients work in synergy to optimize long term results. Helping the skin to look youthful lifted and toned, while creating a translucent, opaque flash illusion to the skin.

Diamond Lift will hydrate the epidermis and the derma of the facial skin, while combating free radicals.

The remedy gives immediate radiance to the skin with lasting hydration.

Nourishing while promotes cell stimulation while enhancing the toning of collagen fibres with the magic of diamond powder.

By Adelle Rodrigues

Instagram: @transformulas #transformulas