To Infinity and Beyond: Toy Story Vans


After successful partnerships with Nintendo, Disney and Star Wars, Vans now has a new and exciting collaboration with Disney Pixar’s Toy Story! You can buy a range of styles, from Sk8 Hi Reissues in the form of Cowboy boots, Old Skools covered in denim and cow skin, and slip ons and authentics plastered with Andy’s favourite toys. All have a custom signature rubber waffle outsole that say ANDY which gives a nice extra touch.

The new designs not only add a bit of fun and colour to your everyday wear, but also a bit of nostalgia for us who were brought up with Woody and Buzz when Toy Story first came out in the 90’s. Match them with some jeans and a plain tee and you’re ready for any adventure.

Vans hasn’t only limited the Toy Story theme to their classic adults and kids footwear, but also selling backpacks, socks, boxers and t-shirts.

This collection is now available exclusively in Vans retail stores throughout Australia – just in time for Christmas!

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