The SideStripe


Initially starting off as a random sketch by Vans Founder Paul Van Doren, the Sidestripe has now debuted into the Vans collection and has evolved into a renowned symbol of the brand’s image. Originally known as the “Jazz Stripe”, the SideStripe has marked the canvas of Vans’ most famous footwear.  The Vans SideStripe shoe is the brands first skate shoe to incorporate leather panels.



Vans celebrated the emergence of this iconic symbol in Spring 2014, reflecting on the history of Sidestripe and offered a wider range of the original SideStriped silhouette – the Old Skool.


The Old Skool played a key role in the Vans x Supreme partnership in 1996 and brought the leading Vans x Marc Jacobs capsules to light in the 2000s.