Slip On Sneakers - The Shoe Savior trend of the season

The standard flat has a new competition on the block this season, which is the slip on sneaker. There is no doubt, when we think of Slip Ons, the old school classic Vans come to our thoughts. 6 8 9Making it's comeback from the 90’s , the skate style sneaker has made a comeback for the Spring 2014 season and has been a hit ever since. It is a perfect option for everyone from fashion editors, teenagers and fashionistas all over the world. Being both stylish yet comfortable, there is no question why slips on shoes are a chic shoe trend.

Designers all over the world have intervened the traditional skater shoe by using different materials such as leather and canvas as well as adding patterns, studs or metallic elements.

Will you be wearing the hottest shoe trend this season? Check out some different ways to wear your Slip on Sneakers as they are truly versatile.


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