Puretopia : Q&A with Jodi Anasta

Puretopia is an Australian beauty brand, which includes skincare and hair care. Each of their products are full of active natural ingredients and antidoxants to nourish the skin and hair. It is also guaranteed NOT to have any animal testing, synthetic fragrances, parabens, artificial colors and phthalates. We were able to interview Puretopia's celebrity ambassador and girl next door beauty, Jodi Anasta who told us the importance of skincare and her beauty routine. 1. How has your skin changed since you had Aleeia?

I've noticed my skin feels much smoother & more vibrant. The thing for me is making sure I have that time each morning & night to clean my skin properly and make sure I exfoliate weekly. This will keep my skin looking it's best.

2. Have you found a new favourite Puretopia product since becoming a mum?

Yes I'm absolutely loving the Pure Treatment Hair Mask. It's really helped with the ends of my hair as they're drying up as we reach winter. I use it weekly and it's helped enormously.

3. Has your entire beauty regime changed now?

It's much quicker! Ha. The most Important thing for me now is making the time to clean my skin properly. This will ensure my skin has time to breathe overnight and is always fresh. When my skin is fresh & clean it always looks better for shoots and events.

4. Do you feel more comfortable using natural products as you breastfeed?

Absolutely. I'm hooked on the products now, as is my skin. It's nice knowing all the Ingredients your putting on your skin are natural & won't harm bub in any way.

5. What is your tip to looking fresh?

I love using the eye rescue at night. This always helps my eyes repairs overnight and I always wake up looking fresh. Also the exfoliating cream weekly keeps me skin feeling flat & fresh.

6. Have you used any of the range on Aleeia?

My favourite for Aleeïa is using a little of the sensitive care protective Moisturiser on her body after a bath. It's soothing for her body and smells so natural- I love it!

7. Have you noticed changes to your hair since the birth?

It's much dryer and has stopped growing so fast. This is why I started using the hair mask and it's improved a lot. I use the repair & nourish hair serum with it and they both work really well together.

Here are a few items that we think would be great to try:

Puretopia Eye Rescue Roller

533901_normalPuretopia Pure  Treatment Hydrating & Rejuvenating Mask

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Puretopia Sensitive Care Moisturiser