New Dimensions Gym Mt Druitt has launched a targeted fitness program for Primary and Secondary school aged kids to encourage a generational shift within the local community when it comes to good health and wellness habits. Jad Raguz, Director of New Dimensions aims to keep kids off the streets and out of the mall, giving them a chance to participate in group fitness and gym actives for free when generally this would be a unaffordable exercise for many families.

The Mt Druitt based gym has launched a 'Teen Fit' timetable which includes afternoon classes to get kids and teens involved in fitness activities in the hours between school finishing and when their parents finish work.

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The class concept allows people to participate in a group environment up to 5 days per week with the classes focusing on four areas: Strength, Cardio Core and Flexibility.

The focus is to finally make a change in regards to health and fitness in the community by allowing a paying adult member the option to have two of their children participate in fitness and nutrition programs daily for free.

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Jad Raguz is the creator behind the program and Director of the New Dimensions Gyms in both Mt Druitt and Leonay, which she has owned and operated since 2001.

'As a mum of two kids myself, I have found that teenagers don't really have anywhere to go between school and when their parents finish work. I came up with this concept to encourage kids to create positive habits within the gym environment, as it is generally an expressive exercise that many kids and families can't afford. It gets kids off the street and being productive with their time and we also have an area where they can hang out and/or complete homework while they wait for their parents.'  JAD RAGUZ


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