NEUW Denim launched their new line Black Rope at District O1 in Surry Hills last night. In keeping with the brands testimonial, Black Rope respects the heritage of the garment while embracing the future of Fashion, design and innovation. neuw 2 neuw 1


NEUW Denim adheres to traditional forms of tailoring keeping high attention to detail when creating the garments that equate to the unique, diverse and modern brand. Black Rope sports traditional grey rope dyed yarn wrapped in black wax combined with unique dying patterns to make each garment edgy and individual.

neuw 3

NEUW have embraced their brand as a band would embrace music. Embodying a philosophy of passion, raw sound and rhythm. NEUW Denim creates jeans with the same finesse histories best bands create music. The label features 10 different style cuts - many of them inspired by the edgy style and individuality of iconic musicians and celebrities. Once again tying in the quality of time and history and propelling it into 21st century fashion.


neuw 11

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Black Rope is innovative, edgy and wearable. Already proving to be an influential line, NEUW Denim is pushing denim in a new direction tying old material with new styles. Comfortable, versatile, reliable garments that guarantee to transform your attitude, invigorate your wardrobe and make you feel all brand NEUW.


By Adelle Rodrigues.