Jason Alton is turning the diamond world on its’ head with his innovative inverted diamond collection JASN ALTN.1

His line features romantically disruptive articles of distinction for individuals that see the innate beauty in the unexpected. This reception is clear, from all the Media attention the line has received.


Jason spoke with online blog THE GENTRY MAN to explore his vision and future developments for the brand. His luxury brand with guts holds a strong element of elegance and is giving the male accessory market a run for its money. Alton fans can look forward to the following developments to the rapidly building brands:


-       “AMOR FATI” the inverted colourless diamond range is expending into earrings and bangles.

-       “AMOR NOIR” is coming from the shadows of Amor Noir launching a Black Diamond range.

-       ‘RICH KIDD” is an 18K solid gold range expanding with rings, bracelets, earrings and a gold/diamond grill.


MAN OF MANY described JASN ALTN Inverted colourless diamond range as not only an accessory but a statement as well. Until you are forced to wear a boring ring in the name of love MAN OF MANY implores you to wear something awesome! Embrace your style and amp up your edge.



TODAYS’ HYPE praised the JASN ALTN line, showpieces that will seamlessly enhance your style and put you in the forefront of fashion. Step your accessory game up’ with one of the best options available.


Rock a JASN ALTN inverted colourless diamond ring.


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By Adelle Rodrigues.