Jason Alton is turning the diamond world on its head with the launch of his signature inverted diamond range JASN ALTN.


Alton already renowned for Nudie jeans in Australia has created a range that features romantically disruptive articles of distinction for individuals that see the innate beauty in the unexpected.


The JASN ALTN launch collection ‘Amor Fati’ shuns convention with distinctive, inverted, multiple, round brilliant, colourless diamonds set in either 4mm or 6mm, 18K Yellow

Gold, Platinum, or Platinum with Ruthenium finish band.

“Like a razor love has the ability to cut deeply into the depths of our souls whilst caressing the deepest part of our being. The JASN ALTN Amor Fati collection is an affirmation of this” JASON ALTON

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 Alton will explore the dark side when he expands the range into Black Diamonds titled "Amor Noir" featuring the same exclusive settings and rebellious styling, which give the brand its edge.  "Rich Kidd" collection will soon follow, an 18k solid gold offering which will include rings, bracelets and earrings.  This season the accessory range will consist of long T shirts or as Jason calls them 'Ghetto Gowns' that further and explore the brand concept and the man behind the label.

Unique and unisex with a twist of rock n roll the JASN ALTN collection is available for custom order and online at http://jasnaltn.com.

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