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Recently, we caught up with Sharon McGlinchey, founder of Australian luxury organic skincare company MV.

Created in 1998, MV has quickly become a product of choice among makeup artists, celebrities, and those with sensitive skin, worldwide.

Having won the 2012 InStyle Women of Style Award for beauty, MV continues to stay true to their ‘no compromise’ approach with each ingredient personally chosen for its quality, aroma and purity.

What made you want to start the brand?

The amazing result I achieved while helping a client with a severe petrochemical sensitivity. I couldn’t quite believe something I had made after attending a weekend workshop on ‘how to make natural skincare’ delivered such an impressive result on a client who had been hospitalized with a cosmetic burn!


Was there a gap in the market you felt you wanted to address?

Absolutely - I saw a big gap in the market for luxury organic high performance products. Being a cosmetic snob, I knew the product not only had to look good, feel good and smell good, it really had to work.


What do you feel makes MV different?

Integrity in a nutshell –   I have a ‘no compromise’ approach to the ingredients I use. They must be the very best quality available – like medicine for your skin. I also believe in the KIS principle so my range, although highly concentrated and therefore highly effective, is a small range which includes several multi-purpose products that ultimately save busy women a lot of time in the bathroom.

Unlike commercial skincare companies who constantly release new products to meet consumer expectations and demands for something ‘bigger and better, I developed my products to be perfect just the way they are. And just like those ‘classic pieces’ in the world of fashion, MV’s ‘classic pieces’, have well and truly stood the test of time with a host of celebrity fans and professional make-up artists along with the most ‘sensitive’ amongst us as proof.


Where do you source your ingredients and is this important for your product?

I source my ingredients from all over the world – basically wherever I can find the very best quality. The quality of the plant oils and essential oils is the key to MV’s success – it’s like a fine dining experience for your skin.

I have a manufacturer who specialises in small hand finished products so 85% of my plant oils and 100% of my essential oils are added at a very low temperature. This means the natural anti-oxidant properties and valuable plant nutrients are not destroyed or considerably diminished.


Which key product from your range is the best all rounder?

To this day, the Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser is still by far my best selling product and is loved by make-up artists and celebrities worldwide.

It’s versatile and impressive on so many levels. I’ve been using this cream for 15 years and I never tire of it. It makes me smile.

 Whether you’re super-sensitive or just need a high performance moisturiser that doubles as a primer – this cream does it all.


Your masks are unique. Why do you start with dry powder?

MV’s Active Mineral Masks are packed with minerals such as silica, zinc, manganese, magnesium and iron oxide. These valuable minerals are all but destroyed in a pre-mixed clay mask formulation, leaving only a drawing action. As a holistic skin therapist specialising in improving the health of the underlying skin tissue, it’s essential the clays I use are a) guaranteed *sun-dried and b) are mixed as you need them to achieve the very best long term result.

*French Clay that is guaranteed sundried (and not oven-baked) delivers cumulative health benefits, not just a temporary ‘quick fix’!