INTERVIEW: Keiynan Lonsdale


You can find him presenting for MTV, playing Ollie in Dance Academy and dancing on stage with singers such as Jason Derulo - there's not much Keiynan Lonsdale doesn't do! We recently interviewed Keiynan to talk fitness, inspiration and his exciting new projects.

First things first, what did you have for breakfast? Grilled chicken sandwich with a whole lot of avocado (and BBQ sauce)

Who is your No.1 fashion icon? Excusing his kicking ways at the Billboard Awards this year, Miguel is definitely an artist whose style I really love

 Most memorable interview on MTV? Interviewing so many artists last year at the 2012 ARIA’s and presenting an award there was probably one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had with MTV, it was so incredible

Who are you dying to meet? Demi Lovato, and then we’ll probably get married

How did you get into performing arts? I began dancing when I was 4 years old, trying to replicate every Michael Jackson video I could find! Eventually I started writing music and fell in love with singing and acting as well

Is dancing your only form of exercise? How else do you keep in shape? I try to keep as fit as possible to make me feel better about the tons of chocolate I eat everyday, SO when I get the chance and I’m feeling on my game (which is hit and miss) I go to the gym or I run from Bronte – Bondi Beach in the mornings

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be? Beyonce would be an insane artist to tour with, I would kill for that opportunity

If you could go to back in time and attend any concert, who would you see? If I could I would watch every single MJ concert that he’s ever done, I have a lot of them on dvd but to watch his greatness live would be so awesome!

Our brands such as Neuw denim and G-Shock find their roots in music. With the growth of your own music career, who/where do you turn to for inspiration? I’m constantly looking into new music and new artists to learn from, but the great icons of the past are incredibly inspiring like Michael Jackson, Prince etc. I also try to use inspiration from personal experiences when I’m writing new songs

We hear that you will be performing at Marquee this Friday - tell us more... Yeah! I’m doing a sort of music launch this Friday to showcase my new original material that I co-wrote in New York! Most people know me as a presenter or a dancer, but not necessarily as an artist.. so I’m excited to show everyone what I’ve been so passionate about for so long

What's next for Keiynan Lonsdale? I was actually lucky enough to find management in NY and worked with some crazy awesome people while I was over there in April. The next step is figuring out how to get there permanently so that we can continue creating new music, and hopefully one day be able to share it with the world :)