Clarify Clinic is independent and provides unbiased advice to their clients. They have a unique process which guides you to the very best Plastic Surgeons and Specialists whom we have identified, accessed, profiled and who have proven to consistently deliver excellent results with the highest patient satisfaction.

We interviewed Kate Moreland from Clarify Clinic to discuss her experience in the industry and why she began Clarify Clinic.



Tell us about the concept of Clarify Clinic.

I started Clarify Clinic to help people get better plastic surgery results.  Like all areas of medicine there are those few - on the inside who know whats what - and the rest who trust what they are told - for better or worse.  The reality is plastic surgery is serious and you would be foolish to just rely on friends, family or your local GP. My role is to de-mistify and clarify all options so that clients are fully informed make the best decisions for themselves. What kinds of issues would you advise on? ie. Patients health/ mental wellbeing/ procedures that they want that you may not agree with? We are here to help put people on the right track. Whether that's informing people about what's really involved, or helping them find a great surgeon that's right for them. Everyone's at a different stage. I had a new client the other day who needs to lose weight first to get the best results from her procedure. I'm working with her on diet and exercise - whatever it takes to help, we do. You say there is a void in the market for people looking for information on Plastic Surgery, what are common problems that people experience in the researching stages?  Firstly, there's confusion, which inevitably leads to frustration. And secondly, it's human nature to be lazy. If a friend says, "Go see Dr X, I've heard he's good," then they most likely will. And Dr X is hardly going to refer you to someone better qualified in your case. Those who aren't lazy will research online and go visit several surgeons - but then information overload normally kicks in they end up more confused than when they started. What are common issues/ complaints of patients post op? To us, the biggest issue in the industry is that 20% of all patients having had plastic surgery regret it. And 75% wish they'd done more research beforehand. It all comes down to research and knowledge, which leads you to informed decisions. Unfortunately many people put as much time and effort in their plastic surgery research as if they were choosing a plumber. If "Bob the plumber" messes up you can find someone better to fix his mistakes. If someone makes "mistakes" on your body, you have to live with them for life, no matter how many times you go back to try and get it rectified. How to do determine whether a surgeon will be good for a job or not? Without selling our secrets, talent and experience at that specific elected procedure and evidence of this in the form of seeing photos and meeting patients is a good place to start from. If we see a history of excellent results in that procedure, and very high levels of patient satisfaction, then they move up to our shortlist. After that we have certain other criteria: An example is assessing their reputation from "inside the industry" as opposed to "outside the industry" with their patients. I've developed solid relationships in the industry, and without these contacts I wouldn't be where I am today. "Inside" knowledge on how a surgeon truly conducts his business is vital information to me. I've also been invited and attended theatre with some surgeons to see the quality and care of their work firsthand, as another example. How to your determine a surgeons strengths or weaknesses? For example, surely you have your own favourite surgeons but perhaps one is excellent with facial reconstruction but not so good with skin graphs on a trauma patient etc. I don't have any favourite surgeons. Sure, some are more enjoyable company over lunch, but when it comes down to a specific procedure, then I let the facts and statistics I've accrued on surgeons lead the way. Like every profession, there are only great, good, or poor surgeons. If someone is looking for great breasts then I'm going to send them to the surgeons who are proven to create the best breasts, not the great surgeons who do great noses. Please list some statics on surgery ie. Male/ female ratio who seek out your services, ratio that regret etc. Cosmetic/ Trauma patients? I've been pleasantly surprised at the number of male clients we get. Considering males represent only a small percentage of the procedures conducted each year. Of course most clients are female and we are getting many new clients looking for 'mummy makeovers, breast reductions and augmentations... Most of our clients see us for cosmetic reasons - however we also see people needing reconstructive surgery. Men seem to be more and more often seeking surgery. What are common procedures that men would seek? Men are no different to women really when it comes to procedures. Nowadays it's considered acceptable for men to care about their looks, not like the olden days, and they do. Faces, noses, getting rid of man boobs, liposuction, genitals, you name it. If a patient comes to you who perhaps is not in the right frame of mind to have a surgery, do you have procedures in place? ie. Someone who is obsessive with physical appearance and is going overboard? someone who is not fit physically/mentally? I've given you an example of how we help people get fit for surgery, and the same applies post-surgery. We literally hold people's hands all the way with our work. Once you become a client of Clarify Clinic, you're a client for life. As for obsessive people, we don't normally see many as they're usually the ones who do their own research and formulate their own opinions. We're not in the business of selling plastic surgery. If someone has perfect breasts and wanted to make them larger, we'd recommend they don't alter them. If however they insisted, then I'd rather they saw a talented surgeon rather than visit someone without the benefit of our research. What is your background? What inspired you to start Clarify Clinic?

From Register Nurse to medical researcher I've always been a lover of all things beautiful - not just bags and shoes - and have a total contempt for the ageing process, it was natural - I think - to end up helping others to stay young and to be as beautiful as can be!  (Kate also worked as a model for D'J's). However, it was my serious research on this subject, while I was studying psychology at Sydney University that has got me here.

Have you had procedures that you regret?

My own procedures? Regret? No! Only the very best hands have touched me!