We had the pleasure of catching up with Faith Campbell, Faith is the editor of food blog I Could Eat Again, sharing her adventurous restaurant trips and advising on the best places to wine and dine around the world. From LA to Bali and Sydney to New York, Faith tells all.

Read our interview below to learn more about Faith, I Could Eat Again and sharing experiences with her readers.

Tell us about the concept of your blog 

The basic premise of I Could Eat Again is to review a meal as an experience, rather than writing a critical analysis of each bite (which I'm not qualified to do, anyway!) I try to express how a meal made me feel - whether I loved it because of who was there with me, or because it reminded me of a favourite meal from childhood or because something dumb or funny happened. Anyone can take a picture on their phone, but I hope I can convey my experience with words. That sounds so pretentious! Ha!

The content and theme is very unique, how did you come up with the name and idea?

I can't exactly remember how I came up with the name, but I'm always hungry and often leave dinner thinking I could eat a hot dog or a little something extra.  The idea for the blog was as simple as coupling my love of food with my love of writing - do what you love, right? Though it's sometimes a drag to post a blog every week, the satisfaction far outweighs my irritation.

The 'Sunbaking' section of your blog is Coming Soon, what can we expect?

Oh it's been 'coming soon' for so long! It will be a more practical aspect to the blog... There may be some baking involved.

What would your typical day consist of?

I have a full time job so that's 9 or 10 hours of my day. In the evenings I work on ideas for the blog and also go out eating so I have something to write about. I don't have as much time to devote to it as I'd like, but I make it work because it's important to me.

How did you find the inspiration for what to write about for your blog?

Sometimes I know what I'll write as I'm leaving a restaurant, other times I'll just sit down and start writing ideas and see where it leads. Some of the stories were written 8-9 months after I enjoyed the meal because an idea strikes me out of the blue. They're often influenced by how I'm feeling on a particular day. I don't want the stories to be formulaic and I hope they aren't.

Do you enjoy to eat our alone or do you always prefer a companion?

I prefer to eat with a companion as it tends to lead to more unique experiences - funny conversations and an extra opinion are all fuel for the fire. Only one story has been written about eating alone - Torrisi Italian Specialties in NYC. It was one of my favourite meals and is one of my favourite stories.

What advice would you give to feller bloggers or bloggers who want to start a blog?

My advice is to have a pretty strict idea of what you want to post about as it's harder to pinpoint a good idea when there are no parameters. Also, commit to posting regularly - either once a week or whenever suits you. I hate to miss a deadline and have only missed posting on a few occasions. Most importantly, make sure you're blogging for yourself first. It can take a long time for anyone to read or know about what you're doing - if your only motivation is being well known you should probably try something else! Some days barely anyone looks at my blog and I'm ok with that, doesn't mean it's not worth my commitment.

What kind of readers do you wish to attract to your blog?

I don't mind who reads it, I just hope they enjoy the stories and finish reading feeling a little bit hungrier than when they started.