Bondi Harvest is a weekly cooking show that is set at the best beach in the world! The show focuses on local seasonal produce, healthy and fun menu options and is hosted by the very captivating Guy Turland! We interviewed Guy to catch up on his inspirations, favourite foods and what's next for Bondi Harvest.

Guy is also the head chef and owner of the extremely popular Jo And Willys Depot Cafe in North Bondi.

maxresdefault  Guy Turland on Bondi Harvest

jo-and-willy-depot-bondi How has bondi influenced your cooking style?

For me I feed off and draw inspiration for my cooking through my environment. Bondi, it's seasons, people and most of all the ocean have had a massive influence on my style of cooking.

What are the top ingredients that you can't live without?

Salt, vanilla bean, butter and seafood. What inspired you to convey meals through a YouTube channel? 

I was approached by my friend and Bondi Harvest producer Mark Alston to do some test shoots for a different cooking idea, that idea didn't work but, we shot really well together. Mark and I ran with it creating Bondi Harvest with Marks eye, camera and production skills and my food philosophies and cooking lifestyle. I love that through YouTube we can share what we love to do with literally the world. When did you start creating video content for your recipes?

We started shooting content about 18 months ago. We spend one day a week running around Bondi with crates of food and cameras searching for cool locations... It's almost like gorilla cooking ha ha. Where has your love for food developed from?

I think it all started from my Nan.... for every family event Nan would single handedly create a feast to feed an army of cousins, aunts and uncles. It blew my mind how she could pull together so much food all by herself....From there i got my very first job at the age 16 washing. I was given more responsibly in the kitchen and loved it.... never looked back. Which chefs inspire you? Jamie Oliver's work ethic, empire and simplistic approach to food always impresses me, he seems to have so much going on I always wonder whether he gets any sleep.

Peter Doyle (my old head chef)- I love Peter's food, the fact he's a old school surfer and that he was always so patient with me during my apprenticeship

What's next for Bondi Harvest?

Everything! ... We want to create an empire ha ha ha .... Cookbooks, TV, online, catering, restaurants.... just a few goals!!!! TAKING OVER THE WORLD!  How did you start in the industry? I got my first job washing dishes at a restaurant that my dad built. Pretty soon I started taking on more responsibility and loved it, then my older brother bought a cafe. Cooking became my life real quick at a early age and i loved it, still love it.  What is your best achievement to date? Having a successful cafe.   As an owner of The Depot in North Bondi, what is your favourite thing on the menu and why? I love a good steak sandwich and also the pop eye eggs but i have a new winter menu coming so that could change real quick.  If you go anywhere in the world where would go and why? France, love the food culture, would love to spend months driving from farm to farm doing a food safari. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Happily busy and still chasing my goals.  What is your favourite hobby? Surfing, spearfishing, rock climbing, running. Best meal you've eaten? Thats hard, Im a massive believer that its not just the food that makes a memorable meal. The people you're with are the catalyst to make a great meal something even more special. So I'd have to say any family dinner or when i'm out to dinner with close buddies.   Best advice you ever received? - I've been blessed to have heaps take so your pick

- every days a job interview

- don't be scared to take a chance

-never regret a mistakes there just as important as successes