Laird Hamilton was on Sunrise this morning sharing his innovative awe-inspiring sport; Stand up paddle surfing. He is the original big wave surfer, brand within himself  ‘LAIRD STANDUP’ and he is pushing his own initiative #Paddlefurther.

laird 2 laird To watch Laird conquer the waves evokes a concoction of emotions; Respect for the physical control and demand the sport requires and desire to harness the same freedom. Sunrise spoke with Laird Hamilton to discuss his brand LAIRD STANDUP delving into boards, the sports and how the adventure-seeking pioneer came to take extreme water sports by a storm.

Fastest growing water sport in the history of the world, Paddle Surfing is taking over Rivers, Races, Channels, Touring, Competition waves and even the golf course! Laird is developing boards for every circumstance whether the boards are used in flat surf, competition 20m waves or as an introduction for children the board was developed to share the love of the ocean and the possibilities it poses.

Watch the Sunrise Interview now:

laird 5

Keeping in mind Laird Hamilton’s motto “Do it, to do it another day”, Paddle Surfing is an extreme, professional sport that requires immense skill. It is a beautiful performance to watch and we are all eager to follow and be inspired by the remainder of the Laird Standup tour.

laird 3

laird 4

By Adelle Rodrigues