Want to know how to glow like the experts? Bondi sands Wash Off Instant Tan has become the versatile must have in every experts make up kit.

Wash Off is an essential tool for creating an on the spot tan. Available in Light/Medium and Dark to suit any skin type, the self-tanning mist provides a sun kissed glow with a flawless finish that looks good and photographs well.

We gathered the top tips from make up artist’s willing to share their secrets:

  1. Emergency Cover Up. Instantly cover up nasty tan marks: Spray over patches, then blend it in with a tiny bit of the Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Lotion for a photo-ready finish
  2. Fresh Faced Glow: Spray directly onto a bronzing brush and apply to the face in circular motions for an instant, flawless bronze
  3.  Contour, Contour, Contour: This fine mist allows you to contour quickly and easily across legs, décolletage and the face (use a small blush brush for the face)
  4.  Sheen and Shine: Mix with your favourite body oil for a bronzed sheen on legs and arms pre night out
  5. Red Carpet Ready: Spray across collarbones, arms and legs five minutes before you walk out of the door for a last minute boost.  This transfer free formula means there is no need to wait around for the tan to dry or worry about marking white fabrics. Perfect for talent before they head on camera or before you leave the house for a night out