Known as the all-time top scorer in the Australian Socceroos team, Tim Cahill has become an ace in our Australian soccer history. Having to score 3 goals in the 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign and scoring 2 goals during the match against Ecuador just last week - Cahill is now the superstar amongst the Socceroos fans. We were lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with our Socceroos VIP about his love for good suits and his latest collaboration with Shoreditch, titled 'Theatre of Dreams'.

What's your favourite piece from the Shoreditch collection?
The navy blue slim-cut suit is a nice twist on classic black. It works day-to-night which is key.
So Tim, you're obviously used to wearing shorts and football jerseys. How often do you get to suit up?

Not as much as I would like considering my interest in fashion and love for a well-designed suit. I've been fortunate enough to have attended a lot of black-tie events which gave me the opportunity to wear expertly cut suits and during the off-season I appreciate a good sports jacket. During the soccer season though it's mostly sweats and club gear.  

Where did your desire to design your own fashion line come from?

I've always had a healthy interest in fashion, particularly since living in the UK and now NYC. Overseas you are spoilt for choice when it comes to well-made, affordable suits and smart-casual wear. In Australia I felt there was a gap which we're hoping to fill with the Shoreditch by Tim Cahill line. It's also rewarding to have something to work on outside the sports sphere.

Out of all of the menswear labels out there, why Shoreditch? 

Shoreditch is on-point with their prices without any impact on the quality. They're beautifully cut and have a very international aesthetic. I get a lot of compliments!

You mentioned you want the range to be affordable whilst also delivering superior fits, what do you think of the average Australian man's style?
Internationally Australia's are known for having good style, particularly in the major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. In a country like Australia where we have such warm weather, men seem to be be pretty laid back while still favouring superior fabric and comfortable cuts. The goal is to have Shoreditch by Tim Cahill fit seamlessly into the Aussie guys wardrobe while also offering some alternatives they may not yet have.
Which countries trends are you most inspired?
Obviously London and New York have played a big role in forming my approach to fashion. Both cities are pretty eclectic with their fashion and it all depends on where you are - which makes for great people watching.  Australia is really relaxed when it comes to style, especially suits,  and they're often worn without a tie or with cuffed sleeves. I wanted to create a collection that pairs that Australian sensibility with the more formal nature of Londoners and the stylish eye of New Yorkers. The collection will have the best of everything.
Will your new found design skills see you influence the style of your Aussie team mates?
They're all pretty stylish blokes but I might make a few suggestions here and there (laughs)