BLOG: StrangeLove - Australia's Very First Organic Energy Elixir

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The Anatomy of Our Drink

Introducing StrangeLove Australia's very first Organic Energy Elixir. Styled as a Premium Ginger Beer, StrangeLove is 100% organic with no caffeine or Guarana (the stuff that makes you want to punch walls). In this sleek 275ml bottle are two types of ginger root, Argentinian lemon juice and Cinnamon for that spicy ZING!

All of the energy in this elixir is naturally occurring in the form of Green Tea and Yerba Mate and is unscientifically proven to be the first energy drink that doesn't taste like the colour blue.

Launched in-store and online, StrangeLove is already sharing their world of weird and wonderfulness at and in cafes and bars throughout the country.

Perfect for night-lurkers, street walkers and slow-speaking fast talkers, this spicy ginger beer is the first step in the StrangeLove revolution.

Also great used as a mixer we've included a cocktail recipe below. Here's one for Friday: ShizzleMySwizzle