Don’t cheapen your feet, accessorize them.

Introducing Flipsters, the range of comfortable, folding flip-flops and ballet flats, designed in Sydney as a must-have for every woman’s handbag.

Whether it’s a trip to the supermarket after the beautician, or the dreaded walks to the cab stand after a night out, Flipsters are the perfect answer to compliment a woman’s lifestyle. Combining comfort with fashion, this shoe spares us ladies the humiliation of that unattractive thong.

Flipsters – the original folding thong, fold to the size of an iPhone and are accompanied by a cute zip lock, allowing  you to store them at the bottom of your bag and not give your feet a second thought.

Rick Munitz, co-founder and designer initially wanted to create a sustainable and stylish footwear option for those post-pedicure days. Available in 9 different colours, Flipsters feature a soft material strapping that won’t rub against heels or between toes while padding supports the soles of the feet.

Ensuring a maximum life span, Flipsters are 100% waterproof and cold machine washable. “They’re perfect when getting any foot treatment,” says Rick. “And you can even use them when you do it yourself at home. They don’t have to be limited to your bag - Flipsters can be worn anywhere and at any time.”

A 100% Australian owned company, Flipsters thongs retail for $29.95, while the ballet flats retail for $39.95 and are available online or at over 120 retailers nationwide – many of which are beauty salons.