Betts Group Arrive at Indooroopilly

Betts, Zu and Airflex have been hotter than ever and now they are ready to take over Indooroopilly! The three brands have launched their stores in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre today and as everyone may have already guessed, it was a great success.

Betts has been loved by many people in the past and with their current rebranding of Betts for Her you will be able to see more trendy and fashionable Betts than ever.

Since 2003, Zu has opened 31 stores across Australia and with their store in Indooroopilly, they will only continue to further grow as a fashion focused brand with an edge.

If Betts and Zu have been loved by younger demographics, Airflex will provide for those who are looking for comfort. With the memory foam inside all Airflex shoes, you're guaranteed to walk in comfort all day long.

So for all our Queenslanders, whether you're looking for a trend, an edge or comfort - head to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and find the match pair of shoes for you!