Sara Cohen, the creative mind behind british label Sara C was recently featured on Beauty and Lace to talk about her personal style and what makes Sara C eco-friendly.

Sara C's designs and prints were inspirated by designer Sara Cohen's seven weeks of travelling around England in a family camper van. Being the middle of winter when she embarked on her journey, Sara was often the only person walking on the beach, hiking up the hills and sheltering in remote campsites. In that time, she discovered an untouched England- an empty, uniquely picturesque country where nature tells millions of tiny perfect stories. Sara was formally a London based advertising exec and photographer who needed a break from the big city- and this break happened to provide the inspiration that she needed to produce Sara C.

 The collection's designs are adapted from photographs and drawings that Sara has amassed along her way, not only in the UK but also in Australia and Mexico. Sara's current collection, 'Nature's Edge' comprises a range of woven bamboo tops and dresses printed with unique hand- drawn patterns. Sara uses Organic fibres and environmentally low- impact techniques to create colourful, inspiring and distinctive prints that add a little colour into everyday life.

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