Ardell Lashes

WOW BROWS WITH ARDELL Whip your brows into shape with ARDELL’s superior defining powers. Tame, shape and highlight your arches. ARDELL’s brow collection includes brow defining kits, brow stencils and sculpting gels. All designed to help you define your look, frame your face and balance out your facial features.

The ARDELL Defining kit includes a Brow palette with three natural colours to custom blend and highlighter to enhance brows. It also includes a Duo Brow Brush that allows precise powder application and an all day set Brow Grooming Pencil so your strokes go the distance.

This kit is the key to naturally enhancing your features and creating perfectly arched eyebrows. It is easily applied and will last the day! With a few easy steps as illustrated below, you will never have to fret over your brows again.

Shape the perfect brow quickly and easily with ARDELL’S Brow Perfection stencils.

Choose a Brow Perfection Stencil and follow the lines to create Delicate, Elegant, Glamorous or Classic arches. ARDELLS’s stencils reduce the risk of unwanted errors and cut down the amount of time required to get that precise and perfectly arched brow that you have always wanted. The pack includes four pre cut different stencils to mimic the most desired brow shapes that suits all faces.

Define and enhance your brows with ARDELL’s simple brush-on defining powder. ARDELL Brow Defining Powder uses a dose of concentrated pigments to darken and enhance brows, giving them a naturally defined look. The concentrated colour allows you to create perfectly arched brows with the easy application of a slanted- tipped brush.

Ardell’s Brow Defining Powder is quick and very easy to apply and will give your brow’s a soft, natural look.

Tame those brows with the ARDELL Brow Sculpting Gel. This lightweight gel

contours and defines brows whilst providing all day hold and conditioning. The precision wand shapes brows beautifully for a full, natural looking brow.

ARDELL has the tool to make you step out with a confident arch that compliments any look. Never fret over patchy, uneven, thin brows again. Get the shape, look and definition that you desire from ARDELL’s Amazing Brow Collection.

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By Adelle Rodrigues