INTERVIEW: Jordan Rodrigues

- (Jordan in LA with friends Christian Antidormi and Lincoln Lewis)

Australian actor and dancer Jordan Rodrigues (often spotted in Neuw denim and G-Shock) famously known for his roles on popular TV show Home and Away and ABC's Dance Academy has been spending his time in the city of angels. We interviewed Jordan on what life is like in Los Angeles and what he has in store for the near future.

1. Ok, let’s start with the most important question - What did you have for breakfast? The classic Bacon & Egg roll with BBQ sauce and a Hash brown for sure.

2. We know that you have been in LA for the last few months. What is it like living in L.A compared to Sydney? Living in LA has been a great new experience for me. Its not too different to Sydney except the amount of work opportunity here is incredible! Also I wont be complaining about Sydney traffic when get back.

3. Have you done much traveling before? Most of my family are based in Malaysia and Singapore so I go there a lot but apart from that I've had a little taste of Germany, New york and Bali.

4. So Dance Academy is at its end. How does it feel to have completed filming for the final season? It's bitter-sweet. It sucks that I wont be working with the awesome cast and crew but its good to be able to move onto bigger and better things.

5. What’s on the horizon for the next few months? The next few months I'm just going to finish up here in LA and then head back to Sydney for the Premiere of 'Dance Academy' season 3 and also 'Better man' a mini series I did just after Dance Academy.

6. Now, a bit about yourself - What was your first ever performance? My first ever performance in front of a live audience was the 'Lion King' the musical in Sydney. I was 10 years old and was so excited yet nervous at the same time but in the end it was an amazing, life changing performance that I'll never forget.

7. What was the last song played on your iPod? Treasure by Bruno Mars

8. Craziest fan moment? I haven't really had any crazy things happen to me except when people randomly call me in the middle of the night, giggle then hang up.

9. Favourite spot to hang out in Sydney? Milk Beach. It looks across the whole of Sydney city and is stunning at night time.

10. What’s your current favourite drink? Mountain dew Kick start.

11. If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be? Probably blue.