You’ve got a birthday party tonight, you have your dress and your killer heels ready, and you know exactly what make up look you want to go for – but you’ve been sitting in front of your mirror draining your make up remover in frustration. Does this all sound familiar to you? Luckily we are here to help – now you can get that natural winged eye look all thanks to Ofra Cosmetics and make up artist Tobi Henney.

  1. Start by massaging Oil Free Moisturizer onto the face – this will keep your face nice and moisturized and get your skin ready for foundation

2. Apply the Silicon Based Primer to the entire face – this will ensure that your foundation can be                  applied evenly and keep it looking fresh throughout the day

ofra primer

3. Starting from the centre of your face, buff the Silk Peptide Foundation onto your skin making sure that it is blended. Starting from the centre will ensure that your foundation is spread evenly

foundation              4. Use the Concealer Wheel to hide darkness under the eyes and any problem areas such as blemishes. The beauty of this product is that it also has green, yellow and purple options to help cover up redness and puffiness.

concealer               5. Use loose powder on the T-Zone to eliminate shine down the centre of the face. Since the T-Zone area of the face produce the most oil, making sure this area is kept matte is essential

6. Apply the Diamonds Are Forever eye shadow in a shade which suits your eye colour to the entire lid – this will give your eyes an extra glow

eyeshadow             7. Use a matte brow eye shadow to swoop across the crease line of your eye and blend the edges

8. Use the Fixline Gel Eyeliner to enhance the upper lash line and apply from the inner to outer eye


9. Draw the liner back to the centre of the eyelid and ensure that you keep the line thin on the inner eye section. Make sure you take your time for this step, as it can be quite tricky – use a cotton bud to fix the ends of the wings more sharp

10. Curl the lashes and coat the lashes with mascara to add definition. Try Mascara with Keratin for more thick and defined lashes

mascara             11. Apply blush/bronzer to the apples of the check and contour and highlight using the Baked Bronzer – from the side of your forehead, making a ‘3’ shape down the side of your face, focusing on your cheekbone


12. Brush on a bright red lip from the Rainbow Lips Lipstick Wheel to finish the look


13. Finish off your look by applying RCK (Red Carpet Kolour) to your body – this product is a body glow and after 5 minutes it will set and won’t rub off on your clothes!


With these simple steps, you will not only look like a red carpet star but will feel like one too!

For more information on Ofra Cosmetics or the tutorial for this look head to:

modeltobi tutorial