Neuw Denim has released a sustainable capsule with Australian jewellery designer, Holly Ryan. On the 3rd of September, the capsule was celebrated at the Landsdowne for the first time.  

The collection features buttons with Holly’s popular ‘Picasso Face’ design, which is made using recycled metals. 

The entire collection, which includes print tees, jackets, jeans, button-up denim dresses, uses recycled material and sustainable practices ensuring there is no waste produced. 

Neuw Denim has been working towards a cleaner future. Their manufacture and production process do not have zero water waste, chemical distressing and washing waste.

The collaboration has abided to the Neuw Zero initiative with each garment being hand sewn and hand dyed. This means it can attain the Neuw denim classic vintage look, without using practises that impact the environment.

Click here to see the full collection

Charlie Boyce