Julian Wilson x Hurley 'Serious Fun Event'

In his hometown of Coolum, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who does not know the name Julian Wilson. From his multiple ASP World Tour wins as a pro-surfer, to his philanthropic involvement in breast cancer awareness programs, Julian has become a hero and inspiration to the people of the Sunshine Coast.


In partnership with Hurley, this past February Julian brought the ‘Serious Fun Weekend’ to beachside Coolum. The weekend was filled with events and activities for the groms to enjoy and had acai bowls for the parents to cool down with. By putting on this event he hoped to emphasise the importance of participating in outdoor sports and to not take life, and sport, too seriously.

“I just want the kids to go out there [surfing] and have fun, seeing them have a laugh with the other kids and spend the day outside is how I spent my days growing up and I want them to have that same opportunity” Julian said.  

Day one of the Serious Fun Weekend focused more on the fun side with activities such as; Mini Putt Putt, a Hurley Printing Press, Surf and Skate Sessions, as well as the opportunity for all participants to demo various surf products throughout the day. It was extremely lucky that SunBum also sponsored the event, otherwise there would have been a lot of burnt kiddies and adults that day.  

The second day of the event turned (slightly) more serious as 12 surfers under the age of 18 battled it out where Julian’s career began, on Coolum Beach. All surfers were hand-picked by Julian and invited to be apart of the WCT-alike event that was being held. It wasn’t hard for them to say yes with Hurley gifting them with gear and the phonomenal prizes up for grabs. First place received; a dirt bike, Thomas Longboard and Skateboard, a fast-track entry into Oakley Battle Clips Competition and a trip to Indonesia, alongside Julian to appear in a web release.

Xavier Huxtable was the lucky winner of this competition and we wish him all the best in his very promising future.