Hello, Vonu!

Portobello PR welcomes Vonu Beer to their showroom and client list this month, and we couldn't be more excited!

Vonu Beer is a Fijian lager that embodies the ‘live free’ attitude that Fiji unearths when you're on their islands. But, unlike the regular holiday diet blowout, this beer is ultra-low carb - meaning you can live free, guilt free.

Not only is the beer conscious of the calories, they are also determined to walk with a lighter environmental step. Vonu is a proud supporter of the Mamanuca Environment Society, who are passionate about conserving the Fijian marine parks, local communities and protecting the turtles. 

"Are you buying another case of Vonu?"

"Babe, I'm saving the turtles".

To celebrate the beer brand, Vonu sent filmmaker and notorious adventurer Jay Button on a trip throughout their hometown of Fiji, recording highlights from Your Paradise Music Festival and a Vonu Secret Party - which had a DJ blasting tunes from an abandoned boat on a private beach (someone call Barry, because that is living). Watch the video below to join in on the Vonu experience and everything they stand for.

It is having a lei placed around your neck as you arrive at the airport, it's the first sip of your beer after swimming in warm salty water all day, it is soothing crispy red skin with aloe vera lotion, it is the feeling you get when you 'live free' and it is the feeling of Vonu Beer.  

“We’re offering socially conscious beer drinkers the opportunity to live free, and enjoy a really great-tasting authentic new brand, with a great story to tell, and fewer carbs,” Brand Manager Blake Kramer.