Mambo's Summer Tuckshop @ Bondi Beach

This long-weekend Australian surf-art brand, Mambo, together with Portobello PR, are taking you back to your tuckshop days.

Located on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, a four-day pop-up shop will be taking your orders on a brown paper bag and returning it with all the old school favourites.

Teaming with the pop-up experts Mike Eggert and Jemma Whitman of Pinbone, this tuck shop will not only be filling you up with delicious ‘Mambomite’ Pies, Devon Sandwiches and Ricotta Rolls - but, you'll leave full of nostalgia too.

Feel free to pop in, have some lunch, and spend the day reminiscing about the lunchtime antics you once got up to.

Details below for your convenience ;)

266 Campbell Parade North Bondi

Trading Hours: 10 am4 pm

Thursday 25th January – Sunday 28th January 2018