New Year, New Hair!

It’s official – summer is here, and things have really heated up down under with party season in full swing. The quintessential Aussie silly-season consists lazy beach days, followed by partying well into the early hours of the morning. Nothing can ruin your mood – until you notice how damaged your hair has become, courtesy of all that sun exposure and heat styling. Luckily for us, OGX has just released a colour range that makes looking after your locks a no-brainer. 

Infused with plant extracts, the salon inspired Colour Range formulas are loaded with pure exotic ingredients that hydrate and revive your colour with minimal effort.  

For dark-haired beauties, the Bamboo Brunette formula combines bamboo extract and moisturising almond oil. Dull, flat hair become radiant and multidimensional as caramel and mahogany tones are illuminated, giving you that va va voom factor. 

Fellow (wanna-bee) blondes, rejoice – although there is no way to get around those exxy salon visits, this colour-enhancing range is a simple and affordable way to prolong your salon colour whilst retaining the integrity of your hair.  

For warm, honey blondes (à la Serena Van Der Woodsen), the Sunflower Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner brightens those golden tones whilst moisturising your strands with the help of honey and sunflower extract. 

Prefer a more cool-toned, creamy blonde? The Lavender Platinum option is the one for you. Both the shampoo and conditioner have touch of lilac (not purple!) pigment, which is ideal for keeping the brassiness at bay. Infused with lavender oil and chamomile extract, it keeps blonde manes clean and bright (which will give the appearance of lighter highlights, sans bleach.) 

Us Aussies know all about the importance of slip-slop-slapping. Like your skin, your hair can also get sunburnt and requires sun protection. Excessive exposure to the suns rays can actually burn the top layer of the hair follicle! As an added bonus, the entire Colour Protect range includes UVA/UVB sun-filters which work to protect your locks and since healthy hair holds colour for longer, it really is a win-win.

Whether you’re a highlight fiend or prefer to keep things au naturel, this colour-enhancing range is sure to be a summer beauty hit. 

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