Tan Eraser !? - Bondi Sands

Ladies and Gents, kiss your tanning mishaps good bye with Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser! It’s like the tanning God’s heard our prayers, and now you never have to live with patchy blobs on your wrists or ankles again! We know...we’ve been there! Nobody’s perfect, but with the Self Tan Eraser, you’ll come damn close, and have a killer tan!

The world was able to witness the live launch on the Bondi Sands Instagram all the way from Ibiza. Bondi Sands flew its ambassadors to Ibiza to celebrate and launch the revolutionary world first. Ambassadors include Shani Grimmond, Stephanie Claire Smith, Holly Hagan and many more! 

Bondi Sands revolutionary Self Tan Eraser technology effectively removes self tan without harmful ingredients and excessive exfoliation in just 5 minutes. The unique cleansing foam also moisturises and leaves skin silky smooth. How incredible is that? We are very excited about this new product Bondi Sands has brought us here at Portobello PR! They can never do wrong in our eyes, and now neither can you! Happy Tanning, and removing to your hearts content.

- Ariana Pezeshki