NEUW Denim 'Nordic Stone' Launch Party

Legendary venue “Selena’s” was pumping Tuesday night with Neuw Denim’s take over event for the launch of their new “Nordic Stone” range. Inspired by frostbitten Scandinavian landscapes, perfect to get you through the cold winter months. The rustic denim was inspired by founder Par Ludqvist’s Nordic heritage.


The theme of the party was everything Nordic of course, filled with an inflatable area for a gladiator fight with giant plush batons, warrior helmets, hammers, ice sculptures, and drinking horns filled with Carlton Dry & Little Green Cider beverages.


The Norse Mythological themed party included performances from Ruby Fields with her debut single, “I want” featured on Triple J and BBC Radio 1. The night was filled with Nordic fun, and now we’re off to buy the collection. Shop here for all your Neuw Denim wants and needs!

- Ariana Pezeshki 

Charlie Boyce