Portobello PR Welcomes Huffer


Portobello PR is happy introduce Huffer to our showroom. One of New Zealand’s most loved and iconic clothing brands, established in 1997. Portobello PR and Huffer are the perfect fit, as we understand the local Australian market as well as international retail brands. Charlie Boyce and Huffer collectively have 34 years of experience. 

With the upcoming Winter 2017 season, Huffer offers their new “Down 2017” collection. With both men and women’s down jackets and vests, perfect for the crisp winter air, and ski season. Huffer is passionate about bringing everyone together in their 2017 campaign, age, sex, gender, culture. “We’re no different but we ain’t the same.”

Quality and fashion collide with practicality and high-fashion style, outerwear, functionality for everyday use. Washed with rich cottons, deep indigos, timeless stripes, the “Down 2017” collection is a privilege to showcase at Portobello Pr. 

-Ariana Pezeshki