Princess Polly at Coachella

Princess Polly is proudly a part of Portobello’s showroom. The Aussie based women’s brand is gaining traction internationally this past weekend, with owners Eirin and Wez Bryett collection being worn at Coachella, by the faces of Princess Polly, Sammy Robinson, and Cartia Mallan.

Coachella has quickly become the festival fashion Mecca of the world. People care most about Coachella fashion. Who needs music, when all the fashion forward festival trends are swimming around?! Princess Polly was among the A lister’s this year, rocking the perfect, trendy, festival styles.

The desert stepped up their festival style this year with Princess Polly’s gorgeous clothing, perfect for the hot dessert sun, and festival vibes. With worldwide shipping, the brand is sure to seek world domination. Coachella’s strong influence and positive vibes are sure to set Princess Polly on more US girl’s radar. All your festival style needs can be met under the festival section on Princess Polly’s website.


You can get Sammy and Cartia’s looks yourself here:


Look 1 & 2 - Cut-outs are perfect for the brutal dessert heat. This sexy maxi ensures both style, and luxurious comfort.

Look 3 - The leopard print maxi, is fashionable, comfortable and fashion forward, perfect for Coachella.



Look 1 - Get Sammy’s boots on Princess Polly’s online shop here, perfect for all the standing and walking festivals require:

Look 2 - If you’re looking for the layered necklace look, Princess Polly has tons to choose from with different trendy styles.


-Ariana Pezeshki

Charlie Boyce